Case Studies of Surface Repair

At Rejuven8 Repairs we make repairs to almost every surface you can think of. From scratched baths to chipped worktops and we even helped a fellow construction professional repair his kayak!! The surface repair industry is one that we are proud to be part of as not only do we make financial savings to our clients but there is also a huge saving on time, stress and ofcourse the environment.

Below are some examples of some of the interesting repair requests we have had across Scotland.

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In 2016 our client was awarded a vacant property by his local housing association but sadly the property did require a lot of work. This resulted in our client needing to find a way to have the kitchen replaced on a very tight budget. After a site visit we recommended to resurface the existing kitchen suite and started the job the next week. All damaged doors were repaired, resurfaced to a high gloss white RAL 9010 and re-mounted with new fixings.

The worktop was also not replaced, we sanded down the entire surface to remove the dents and imperfections before applying over our 'Nightspots' worktop reglazing product featured on our Worktop Reglazing page. Once dry we recoated over the 'Nightspots' with our Rejuven8 320 low gloss clear resin which leaves a gorgeous glass like finish. Our clients were absolutely delighted with their brand new kitchen, the best part of this job is hearing that their friends and family couldnt believe that the only thing in and out of the property that weekend was a Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd member of staff and his coating equipment.

"Cant believe the standard, we were given a brand new kitchen in two days for less than £1200" Mr A Morton, Aberdeen

One of our glazing clients asked us to visit one of their clients properties after a window frame had been dropped damaging a tile. Once there we found that the tile was infact part of a listed building and we had to seek permission from Historic Scotland before moving forward. Thankfully after some deliberation we were given the go-ahead to proceed.

Tile repairs can be done in some different ways with DIY methods being to use wax covered with solvent based paint however as we leave a long guarantee with our repairs this is not the process used at Rejuven8. We use a two part filing agent which is sanded smooth and coated with our titanium based 2 part coating. The colour of these tiles were not fully recognised by our automotive colour matching scheme so our finisher matched the colour by eye and used our airbrush system to coat evenly. To guarantee a permanent repair, our finisher glazed the rile with our Rejuven8 320 gloss leaving the previously damaged tile as good as new. See our clients review about this repair on our Facebook page.

" I would have no problem recommending Rejuven8 Repairs, they can invisibly mend anything" Mrs J Strachan, Aberdeen

Rejuven8 Repairs are the preferred choice for cosmetic repairs in the north east of Scotland for a very large Scandinavian windows and doors company. We were called to a job in Ballater area of Aberdeenshire after all 16 sets of brand new window frames installed to a new build home had storm covers wrongly screwed into the frames by an apprentice tradesmen. The damages were small however each single window had four sets of the two small holes pictured the the left at each corner. This left the building team faced with having to remove all of the window sets, re-order and re-install however this would have been at a cost in the very high thousands not to mention the weeks and weeks of waiting for delivery. Thankfully our client put us intouch with the site team and we attended the new build site to make our smart cosmetic repairs. Colour matched by eye, repaired and recoated our team had every single window frame looking as good as new in under 12 hours leaving behind a stunning new build project and a very relieved young tradesman.

"Cant believe the results your team left, we had planned for the worst but thankfully we can all laugh about it now" Mr D Yule, Site Manager

One of the best parts of our job is the sheer difference it can make to an individual but also the ripples we can send through entire organisations. In late 2015 we got intouch with a north east social housing body who wished to trial our services. The first task was to make a repair to a very large matt marble effect worktop which had been burned two days before the property was due to be handed to its new tenants. The future occupiers were sadly in temporary accommodation and a replacement worktop would have caused the hand over of the property to be delayed by a week at best. Our finisher attend the property and after just 90 minutes the worktops were as good as new, damages 100% gone allowing the property to be signed over to the housing teams. After an initial panic from our clients, the new tenants house move went as planned. Since then Rejuven8 Repairs have been working with the housing body on a weekly basis and our repairs have not only saved them over £350,000 but allowed them to easily beat their property turn over targets in the past two years!

"Since using Rejuven8 the difference in our ops is remarkable. A decision we definitely got right" Tony, Housing Officer

A new style of vantiy unit being used across new build public buildings are these laminate fabricated sink housing blocks which are much more sturdy and reliable than previous designs. Rejuven8 Repairs are currently the preferred cosmetic repairs contractor for the facilities management company looking after 19 Aberdeenshire schools and were hired to make repairs to multiple housing units. A competitor had previously tried to make spot repairs to the units which although were not overly poor, they were very noticeable due to the finish of the fabricated laminate causing out clients to have planned to replace them all at a huge cost. Thankfully we have our exclusive worktop reglazing coatings which match the current designs of the housing units perfectly and made for much better results. Two of our resurfacing finishers spent a full working week travelling around 9 Academy's and Schools making the resurface repairs to various damaged units which left behind repairs that we are absolutely delighted with. The best part of this job was that one of the schools had a fayre on and our finishers were fed free cakes!

"We had them repaired once before but you could always see it, now they are absolutely perfect" Mr T Jackson, Lead Janitor

We were called by a large Aberdeenshire based construction company who were putting the final touches to their social housing plots which were at hand over stage when one of the tradesmen accidently dropped his screwdriver from his tool belt. As luck never strikes at the end of a project, the hand tool landed on the toilet bowl in one of the disabled access bathrooms making this large crack. The issue was an emergency due to the timing and a replacement was not even considered as Rejuven8 epairs Ltd were already on site making smart cosmetic repairs to other areas of the site. Our finisher decided to make a small video of the process to include in our training mobile apps for new finishers. As you can see when ready the damaged area and fill with our two part agent before levelling down. Once filled and level the surface is completely sound which is when we begin the permanent coating procedure. We apply our exclusive bonding agents, apply the Rejuven8 320 coating which is always colour matched to perfection by eye. The coating is placed over with a few different coats to certain levels before blending away and being allowed to dry.

Thankfully this damaged toilet was as good as new in under 30 mins from when it was initially damaged.

"Couldnt believe my luck, thankfully now you wouldn't ken it had been damaged at all" Mr David Tipton, Plumber Aberdeen

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