Worktop Reglazing / Surface Repair

Are you tired of your current worktop and looking at a change?

The costs of replacing kitchen worktops and also bathroom vanity units can be extremely high due to the supplier and tradesmen costs not to mention the time taken and overall disruption to the business or home. Now available in Scotland is our Worktop Reglazing and Resurfacing service, the budget and impressive choice of transforming your tired surfaces.

Most homeowners will spend between £1100 - £1300 plus VAT whilst replacing just their worktops in the kitchen, Worktop Relazing and Resurfacing is just a fraction of the cost, takes just a few hours to complete and combining the two leaves you with a win- win scenario!! Rejuven8's Flint-Stone coating transforms dated kitchen counter tops and vanities with the look of stone. It's unique flecked properties mimics stone but without the cost of replacement.

Most of the time kitchen counters and vanity tops are in good shape. There might be a few nicks or stains, but that's about it. The nicks can be filled in and the stains will be covered up. After coating with Flint-Stone, the counter or vanity will have the sought after stone look popular for kitchens and baths today. The products we use to complete our top of the range worktop resurfacing are what makes us Scotlands premium surface repair specialists.

Who benefits from Worktop Reglazing / Resurfacing?

Worktop reglazing and Resurfacing is an extremely popular option for cruise ship companies but also a service being used regularly within the hotel and leisure industries. Another industry which has been taking full advantage of our worktop resurfacing has been the Facilities Management sector. The picture on the left is just one of 16 hand wash housing units that we resurfaced in schools across Aberdeenshire in just under two weeks. The only thing removed and replaced on these units was the silicone and at a full saving of over £1500 per unit! Now with the savings that are being made alongside the current financial crisis facing us all in the UK, worktop reglazing and worktop resurfacing has become a real choice for private market clients also.

Rejuven8 Repairs also very recently carried out a full worktop resurface on a very large bar worktop within a large hotel chain which saved the company a staggering £6000 not to mention the extra costs of having to close that bar for the week it would have taken to have the entire counter replaced. We leave behind an industry unbeatable 3 year guarantee with our Worktop Reglazing and Worktop Resurfacing service too!

Below are small squares of our current most popular choices of the range that we have at Rejuven8 Repairs

What are the other benefits and choices?

Are you happy with the design of your current worktop surface but having to take action because of damages? No problem at all! Rejuven8 Repairs have another trick up our sleeve!

An example of this is a wide spread problem within the leasing industry is tenants causing damages to the worktops by not using chopping boards. A recent client hired us to make repairs to his mahogany kitchen worktops which had hundreds of divots and slice marks all over the surface going in all directions. Having been quoted over £1500 to replace by a local tradesman he was at his wits end. 

We attended the property, made some smart repairs and fully reglazed the surface with our industry leading Rejuven8 low gloss topping. As you can see from the photo here, all damages have disappeared leaving behind a stunning brand new gloss topping. Another benefit of this is our topping is a lot gloss effect, whilst still being very glossy as you can see this product sets back to a finish that should any further small damages be caused, they will not show as easily as before!! It is almost Magical.....and a fraction of the cost of replacing!

What if i would prefer a solid colour?

Rejuven8 Repairs also offer our worktop resurfacing as a solid colour finish. Although our finish effects above are extremely popular, there is also a huge demand for solid coloured worktops within kitchens. This can be any colour at all, From black to white, from green to sexy pink!! 

Please fee free to look at the examples of our recent works below and get intouch with us should this be the perfect option for you, your budget and kitchen.